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Baphomet Lighter by XinaXiii

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The Baphomet Lighter by XinaXiii is a must-have item for any collector or fan of unique and edgy designs. This extraordinary lighter is designed by the talented LA based tattoo artist, XinaXiii, whose work can be found on Instagram at @Xinaxiii.

With your purchase, you will receive one Baphomet Lighter that features XinaXiii's captivating design printed on both sides. The sleek and stylish design is sure to make a statement wherever you go.

These lighters are not just visually striking, but they are also practical. They are equipped with a jet torch, ensuring that they are windproof and reliable even in harsh weather conditions. Plus, they are refillable, allowing you to enjoy the Baphomet Lighter for a long time.

The bottom rims of the lighter come in various vibrant colors, including orange, green, purple, blue, and yellow. This adds an extra touch of personality to your Baphomet Lighter, making it truly one-of-a-kind.

It's important to note that these lighters are not vinyl wrapped but directly printed on. This ensures that the design is long-lasting and will not easily fade or peel off. The print is repeated on both sides for a symmetrical and visually pleasing look.

Please be aware that the flame of these lighters has a pinkish/orangish hue. However, the consistency, shade, and duration of the colored flame may vary from lighter to lighter. We kindly request that you understand that we cannot accept returns or provide replacements solely based on your preference for the flame color.

When refilling your Baphomet Lighter, please remember to refill it from the bottom and not the top. If you mistakenly take apart the lighter from the top, we regretfully cannot offer a free replacement.

While these lighters are refillable, they are still disposable lighters and have a similar lifespan to popular brands like Bic or Calico. They do not have the same longevity as a Zippo lighter, for example.

Own a piece of art with the Baphomet Lighter by XinaXiii. Make a bold statement and embrace the unique design that sets you apart from the rest. Order yours today and show off your individuality.

Shipping : We've got your back when it comes to privacy. Your package will be discreetly shipped from "C.B. Co." - because your secrets are safe with us.

About the Artist:
Christina Hock is a talented, Neo Traditional, tattoo artist based in Los Angeles. You can check out her amazing tattoo work on her insta, @xinaxiii.

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