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Potion Witch Lighter

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Comes with one Potion Witch Lighter Lighter. The design is printed on both sides.

Jet Torch Lighters are Windproof and Refillable.

The bottom of the lighter comes in orange, green, purple, blue and yellow bottom rims.

Please note that these lighters are not vinyl wrapped but directly printed on! The print is repeated on both sides.

The lighters do have a PINK-ISH/ORANGE-ISH flame but the consistency/shade/length of time the color will display varies from lighter to lighter

I will NOT accept returns if you are unhappy with the shade of the flame or ship out replacements for this issue.

These are refilled from the BOTTOM NOT THE TOP! If you take apart your lighter from the top, I cannot send a free replacement.

Although our lighters are refillable, they are still disposable lighters much like a Bic lighter or Calico. They will NOT have the lifetime of something like a zippo.


All items are marked as shipped from "C.B. Co." so you don't have to worry about your package saying "Cannabitches" :D

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