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Hourglass Lighter

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The Hourglass Lighter is a must-have accessory for all your lighting needs. This regular-sized torch lighter is equipped with a powerful jet flame that is both windproof and refillable, ensuring a reliable and efficient ignition every time.

Unlike other lighters on the market, the Hourglass Lighter stands out with its unique Hourglass print directly printed on the lighter itself. With this innovative design, you can enjoy a stylish and eye-catching lighter that is not just wrapped in vinyl, but showcases a repetitive pattern on both sides.

What sets this lighter apart is its vibrant and distinct flame. The lighters produce a captivating pink-ish/orange-ish flame, adding an extra touch of elegance to your lighting experience. It's important to note that the consistency, shade, and duration of the color display may differ from lighter to lighter, creating a sense of surprise and delight with each use.

When it comes to shipping, we prioritize your privacy and discretion. All items are carefully marked as shipped from "C.B. Co." This ensures that your package arrives discreetly without any references to "Cannabitches" or any other potentially sensitive content. We understand the importance of maintaining your privacy, and with the Hourglass Lighter, you can enjoy quality without compromising your peace of mind.

Whether you need a reliable lighter for everyday use or desire a unique accessory to showcase your style, the Hourglass Lighter is the perfect choice. With its powerful jet flame, eye-catching Hourglass print, and vibrant flame color, this lighter is a true blend of functionality and aesthetics. Don't settle for ordinary when you can elevate your lighting experience with the Hourglass Lighter.

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