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Laugh Now, Cry Later Grinder by XinaXiii

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The Laugh Now, Cry Later Grinder by XinaXiii is a must-have accessory for anyone who appreciates art and functionality. This unique grinder is designed by the incredibly talented LA based tattoo artist, XinaXiii, who is known for her stunning and intricate designs. Check out the rest of her work on @Xinaxiii on Instagram.

The design of the Laugh Now, Cry Later Grinder is printed directly onto the top and bottom of the grinder, ensuring that it will never fade or wear off. The beautiful artwork adds a touch of personality and artistry to this already exceptional grinder.

Crafted from premium metal, this grinder is built to last. The 2.2" (55mm) matte black, drum style grinder features sharp teeth that effortlessly grind up your herbs or tobacco to the perfect consistency. With its 4-piece design, you can easily collect and store the pollen/keef in the bottom chamber for later use.

To make your grinding experience even more convenient, the Laugh Now, Cry Later Grinder comes with a mini spatula specifically designed for collecting the pollen/keef. This handy accessory ensures that none of your precious material goes to waste.

Each Laugh Now, Cry Later Grinder is individually boxed and shipped discreetly, guaranteeing that your purchase arrives in perfect condition and maintains your privacy. The attention to detail extends beyond the product itself, creating a truly remarkable experience from start to finish.

Upgrade your grinding game with the Laugh Now, Cry Later Grinder by XinaXiii. With its premium construction, unique design, and included accessories, this grinder offers both style and functionality. Experience the art of grinding with XinaXiii and elevate your smoking experience to a whole new level.

About the Artist:
Christina Hock is a talented, Neo Traditional, tattoo artist based in Los Angeles. You can check out her amazing tattoo work on her insta, @xinaxiii.

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