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High Society Pink Rig with bonus Diamond Bowl


High Society 7" Capsule Rig with Bonus Diamond Bowl

This beautiful, pink capsule piece will make you wanna smoke with your pinky up. The key point of this royal rig is its multi slit inline perc, making every dab you take absolutely flawless.

This piece comes with a premium Quartz Banger. You can also use the rig for flower with our pink diamond bowl included with the piece.


  • 7" Length Dab Rig

  • 5 mm thickness

  • Premium Quartz Banger

  • Bonus Diamond Bowl for Flower

Discreet Shipping, Bold Experience

Your privacy is a non-negotiable. That's why this case ships from "C.B. Co.", keeping the curious at bay. Get ready for a premium, hassle-free smoking experience with the ultimate functional art piece.

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