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Dank Magic: Growing Weed According to the Cycles of the Moon

Dank Magic: Growing Weed According to the Cycles of the Moon

Posted by Fluffy Desoto on Jul 11th 2022

My love for the moon was fully solidified by a fun experience with psychedelics. It was a beautiful, warm, summer night and the infused, skull shaped chocolate I had eaten earlier that day was still graciously imparting its magical effects on mind. I looked up into the sky at a full Moon and it spoke to me in a smooth baritone, asking me how my night was going. We exchanged some frivolous pleasantries, and then the moon sang a little song for me. I listened, euphoric and entranced by the experience. I generally have a horrible memory, but this is one that still lives on, vividly in my mind.

I have several moon tattoos, and have designed and curated several Cannabitches cases, which feature the moon within our collection of products.

Cannabitches Lunar Visions Case

After my mystical lunar experience, I felt inspired to research the properties of the Moon and found out that you can actually grow cannabis in relation to lunar cycles and constellations.

If you love weed and growing your own plants, this is a magical practice that is fun to experiment with. You can infuse some astrological incantations into your own cannabis plants.

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