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Current Collab Artists




Xina Xiii: Tattoo Artist | @XinaXIII |

Christina Hock is a multi-talented, Neo Traditional tattoo artist based in Los Angeles. She puts her own twist on imagery, often pulled from a blend of the occult, traditional tattoos and nature. The end result is magical - you can check out her collection here!




Tarryn Ann: Illustrator | @Tarrynannillustration |

We're so excited about our first collab with Tarryn. She designed a series of adorable cases, a lighter and a grinder which you can check out here. Tarryn is a talented artist who creates cheeky, vibrant and fun illustrations. Check out her instagram and website to see more of her beautiful work!





Fluffy Desoto: Founder | High Priestess

I've worked as a creative director, designing packaging, within the cannabis space for several years. Cannabitches was born out of my frustration with the lack of representation within the industry. I was the only woman of color at every company I worked at and maybe 1% of my clients were women or LGBTQIA+. The bro culture was overwhelming and I didn't see a space for women outside of posing provocatively for ads or working in dispensaries to attract men clientele.

My frustration gave birth to Cannabitches and it has become a labor of absolute love. Cannabitches has become a space where I have found the power to create inclusivity within a growing industry and promote the work of other artists. We are constantly collaborating with talented individuals who are not currently represented in the space. I love being able to share their work on cute, stoner accessories that you can carry with you and inspire you every time you take a hit.

We print everything locally at our shop in Downtown, Los Angeles. Every package is shipped discreetly.



Lisset: Shipping Angel

Hello! My name is Lisset, I love opening Pokémon cards and watching scary movies. I love baking desserts and I also love watching unboxing videos. I love everything purple and sparkly. My favorite Sanrio character is Kuromi and my favorite Pokémon are Gengar and Ditto.




Viviana: Designer

Viviana is a multimedia artist who enjoys bringing ideas to life, looking to music and emotions for inspiration. Her work at a cannabis company has enhanced her desire to bring new visions to life by using using retro styles with a modern twist.




Annie: Art Director | Photographer | Model

Annie, the ethereal, knife wielding dream sprite can be found haunting the nightmares of bad ex's and showing the delicate hearted how to protect their soft underbelly. In the day, she's a talented photographer, videographer, graphic designer, and girl boss extraordinaire. In the night? You'll never know, but she's always icy and dressed to kill. Though elusive to catch, Annie’s work can be found at



Finn : Art Director | Photography Staging | Model

Finn is a mysterious, bioluminescent ocean creature who is summoned to rise from the San Francisco Bay every new moon to enchant local virgins. They also moonlight as a art director, stylist, and model. Sometimes they can show up to set a little soggy.  Finn can be found on Instagram at @midrange_peacock.

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